Together, Creating a Favourable Recovery Environment

Mental Health Campaign

“I want to speak on behalf of a young man who was admitted for a first episode of psychosis. He is suspicious and hears disparaging voices. He was admitted against his will and does not consider that he is sick. He can be aggressive. His hospitalization will be the first step along a difficult path: agreeing to treatment, coping with side effects, relapsing, learning to trust the team working on his behalf. The hardest part, however, will be to regain control of his life: family, friends, work, plans, dreams. Regain his dignity. His hospitalization will be the first step in an arduous journey…

For him, a spacious, pleasant and safe unit is a first step to regaining that dignity. Not only is it conducive to recovery, but it sends a message that each person, including those with a serious mental illness, is important. All deserve to be cared for in the same way as anyone who has a physical illness or a disease, such as cancer.

That’s why I think this major renovation project is inspiring, and a testament to our values of equality and inclusion. I hope that I have passed on to you the passion that drives our department and I encourage you to give generously to the cause of mental health. Together, let’s build a dignified environment that is conducive to the recovery of patients being treated for mental health issues.”
Dr. Evelyne Thuot, MD, Psychiatrist, Chief of Psychiatry

“His hospitalization will be the first step along a difficult path”


The “Together, Creating a Favourable Recovery Environment” campaign is a major mental health project at Hôpital du Haut-Richelieu. The project consists in reorganizing, between 2021 and 2025, the psychiatric hospitalization unit of Hôpital du Haut-Richelieu in order to make significant improvements to the current care unit by addressing issues of obsolescence, accessibility, ergonomics, safety and appearance. A stay in a psychiatric ward is a milestone event in any life.

Meet Our Major Donors

Real Mental Health Needs

  • 1 in 5 Quebecers will suffer from a mental health problem

  • 2,060 people were admitted to the psychiatric unit in 2019-2020

  • 3,395 emergency room cases related to mental health

  • A major project of nearly $6 Million

  • Redesigning the nursing station and consultation offices

  • Redesigning the 14 rooms (28 beds)

  • Upgrading the common areas

  • Upgrading the shared bathrooms

Anticipated Results

  • Accommodations that meet contemporary criteria for dignity

  • An environment that supports expert clinical practices in recovery

  • An ergonomic and customized unit that supports continuing autonomy

  • A unit that meets the highest standards of safety for patients and staff alike

Heartfelt thanks to our major donors

$100 000  +

$50 000  – $99 999 

$25 000 – $49 999

  • Acier Sélect inc.

  • Jean-Luc Surprenant

  • Gestion Yanick Marchand inc.

  • Les excavations Bisaillon inc.

$5 000 – $24 999

  • Louis Lemieux, député de Saint-Jean à l’Assemblée nationale

  • Vitrerie Saran inc.

  • Groupe immobilier Papillon inc.

  • Municipalité de Mont-Saint-Grégoire

  • Roméo Bessette & Fils inc.

  • JP Brodeur Construction inc.