To be able to count on dedicated volunteers is a real gift!

The permanent staff at Fondation Santé are not the only ones working hard to provide the best possible healthcare services to their immediate community. Volunteers are also an important part of the foundation’s success.

Week after week, our big-hearted volunteers lend a hand. Their dedication, skills, smiles, ideas and knowledge are constantly put to good use for our cause. Their selfless service is a great inspiration to all.

Some 200 volunteers are an integral part of our team; they embody the true spirit of mutual assistance and solidarity. Without them, we could not accomplish as much as we do. Our heartfelt thanks to them all!

You have time to spare?

For more information about volunteering opportunities in our team, contact us

We want to include a few words from these caring people who donate time and energy to assist the Fondation Santé team.

“I wanted to be part of a humanitarian endeavour on a scale I could manage. I discovered that my computer skills would be useful and my dream of volunteering at Fondation Santé to help people in my community came true. The part I enjoy the most is working with people who care.”

Lise Moss

“I was looking for an organization which would allow me to be in contact with positive people who have values similar to mine. The opportunity came up and getting involved with Fondation Santé was a natural choice.”

Ginette Clouâtre