Choosing to make a monthly donation is a simple and effective way to provide ongoing support to Fondation Santé. Choose the amount you wish to give and the account from which the monthly donation will be withdrawn on the 15th of each month. A receipt for income tax purposes will be issued at the end of the year. You can notify Fondation Santé at any time should you wish to change or cancel your monthly commitment.

The monthly donation makes a real difference in our sphere of activity and our healthcare establishments.

Join the Caring Hearts – Become a Monthly Donor

Each year, more than 200 citizens in our community commit to making a monthly donation as their way of lending their ongoing support to our cause. These caring donors give us the means to carry out inspiring projects and make a tangible difference in the healthcare services in the Haut-Richelieu, Rouville and Bassin de Chambly region.

As a Caring Heart, your commitment goes even deeper.

Every donation we receive, be it large or small, helps us carry out projects in the various health institutions we support. Every donation puts human health first.

EBy giving monthly, you are one of many who help patients receive the care they deserve, all year long. You contribute to ensuring they receive the best care, close to home, in an optimal environment. When you give to others, it does you good, too.

A monthly donation in keeping with your budget:

$5/month = $60 per year

$15/month = $180 per year

To be a Caring Heart is also to:

  • Support priority projects year-round

  • Reduce your environmental footprint by eliminating paper documents

  • Reduce the administrative costs of Fondation Santé by eliminating postal charges

  • Receive an income tax receipt allowing you to recoup up to 50% of your donation, depending on your situation

Thank you for choosing to invest in health!