Putting People First

$1.7 M earmarked for 2022

This year, Fondation Santé plans to invest more than $1.7 million in local healthcare with the help of generous donors. Here are a few projects we are working on this year.

Bathroom in a multisensory environment at the CHSLD Ste-Croix


  • A neonatal ventilator to provide optimal ventilation for babies weighing less than 4 kg in emergency situations or during transport to other hospitals.

  • A cardiology ultrasound that will enable an additional 50 cardiac ultrasounds weekly, ultimately reducing wait times and leading to faster diagnoses.

  • Technology for real-time bed management to improve hospital fluidity.

  • An electrocardiograph to monitor the effects of medication in the psychiatric outpatient department, thus eliminating the need for patients to travel to Haut-Richelieu Hospital.

  • A medical printer for the urology department of Hôpital du Haut-Richelieu, to replace written notes with ureterostomy images in patient files.

  • A breast cancer specimen imaging system to provide conveniently located services to an estimated 20 patients per month at Hôpital du Haut-Richelieu.

  • An X-ray device for breast biopsies to optimize time in the operating room – ensuring that the lesion has been entirely excised on-site, rather than sending the specimen to the radiology department for analysis.

  • An areola tattooing machine for use in breast reconstruction procedures. The aim is to offer a full, free, and quality reconstruction service to patients.


  • Equipment for the physical rehabilitation departments for a more comfortable physical and cognitive recovery process.

  • A pleasant, shady garden pavilion where residents and family members of CHSLD St-Joseph can relax in an area sheltered from the sun and poor weather.

  • Electronic tablets for teleconsultation, catering to 271 users housed in the intermediate resources departments, to avoid numerous transfers to the emergency room.

  • Works of art to bring colour and joy to the hallways of CHSLD Gertrude-Lafrance and the psychiatric unit of Hôpital du Haut-Richelieu.

  • Music therapy, zootherapy and various equipment to entertain and improve the daily lives of residents in the six CHSLDs.

  • Specialized equipment and emergency financial assistance for home care support.

  • Four youth adventure therapy excursions for young people receiving mental health services. These activities relieve isolation, help participants experience tangible successes, and support the development of social skills.

  • Brightening the living environments of the six CHSLDs by bringing light and magic to residents during the holiday season.


  • Three Snoezelen carts, with audio systems and star projectors to provide a relaxing multisensory experience to residents of the Ste-Croix, Champagnat, and Gertrude-Lafrance CHSLDs.

  • Complete renovation of a 6th-floor bathroom at the Gertrude-Lafrance CHSLD to improve ergonomics and turn bath time into a Snoezelen relaxation experience for patients.

  • Equipment, including a blanket warming cabinet, to improve comfort for patients at Maison de naissance du Richelieu.

  • Creation of a breastfeeding room for mothers visiting the CLSC de la Vallée-des-Forts.

  • The addition of five geriatric recliners and 20 armchairs in the emergency room to enhance comfort for patients and loved ones and reduce the risk of falls.

  • A reclining chair in the emergency room so that family members of a dying patient can spend final moments together in comfort.

  • Creation of a family lounge in the emergency department to provide a warm, private and comfortable place for loved ones.

Employee wellness :

  • Refurbishment of the break room and three solariums at Hôpital du Haut-Richelieu to provide a cozy relaxation space for employees who are working long hours. This room can also be used as a workspace and lounge for interns and students/future employees.

  • Reclining chairs for night shift employee during breaks

  • Massage therapy for employees during breaks


  • An innovative Community Paramedicine – Mobile Clinic project: acquisition of a specially designed and adapted motor home to provide front-line services to orphan clients aged 65 and over.

  • Refurbishment of the second-floor dining room at CHSLD Gertrude-Lafrance to provide an ergonomic, cozy and adapted space for residents and their families.

  • Refurbishment of the psychiatric unit to provide a dignified environment conducive to patient recovery

Your generosity helps our projects become reality. Thank you!