A legacy, for life

Planned giving is certainly one of the best ways to invest in the future of health care in your community and demonstrate your generosity while enjoying different tax benefits. It is a meaningful gesture with a continuous impact.

The planned gift fits easily into a financial, estate or tax planning process. It consists in a donation, either during your lifetime or on your death, of a portion of the assets accumulated over the years while taking into consideration your personal, family and tax situation. It is a tangible gesture that can be made by anyone who wishes to support a cause close to their heart over a longer period of time.

Whether it takes the form of a bequest, the proceeds of a life insurance policy, securities or an endowment fund, the planned gift can be advantageous to you. Discuss it with your financial advisor.

To give a planned gift is to sow the seeds of hope for a brighter future.

A bequest can take different forms:

To bequeath a specific amount or asset to one or more beneficiaries.

To bequeath all of your assets to one beneficiary or divide them between several heirs. Note that the latter are responsible for payment of the estate’s debts.

To bequeath all or a percentage of your assets to one or more beneficiaries after the payment of debts. You may also designate Fondation Santé as the beneficiary of a RRSP, a pension fund, etc. Given that retirement funds are subject to the highest taxation rate in Canada, designating Fondation Santé as the direct beneficiary of registered plans or funds mitigates the taxation rate with a receipt for tax purposes issued by the Fondation for the total transferred amount. A bequest entitles you to an official donation receipt, which can be used when filing the deceased’s final income tax return. The receipt significantly reduces the income tax owed by the estate.

It is possible to name Fondation Santé as the beneficiary of the death benefit of a life insurance policy. Here are three ways to do so without penalizing your heirs.

You can transfer an existing policy to the Fondation, which then becomes both the policyholder and the beneficiary. If the premiums are not yet paid in full, we will issue a receipt for income tax purposes for each premium paid subsequent to the transfer. If the policy is fully paid, we will issue a receipt for income tax purposes equivalent to its fair market value (FMV).

Example of a donation or purchase of a life insurance policy for $100,000, $250,000, and $500,000
Male, age 50, non-smoker, in good health, takes out a personal life insurance policy with an annual premium payable for 10 years.

Insured Capital

Annual Premium

Annual income tax credit (48.2%)

Total income tax credit (10 years)

Net cost of annual gift

Total net cost of gift (10 years)

100 000 $ 3 400 $ 1 639 $ 16 390 $ 1 761 $ 17 610 $
250 000 $ 8 500 $ 4 097 $ 40 970 $ 4 403 $ 44 030 $
500 000 $ 17 000 $ 8 194 $ 81 940 $ 8 806 $ 88 060 $


A married man and woman, both age 50, non-smokers, in good health, take out a joint, last-to-die life insurance policy, annual premium payable for 10 years.

Insured Capital

Annual Premium

Annual income tax credit (48.2%) Total income tax credit (10 years) Net cost of annual gift Total net cost of gift (10 years)
100 000 $ 2 200 $ 1 060 $ 10 600 $ 1 140 $ 11 400 $
250 000 $ 5 500 $ 2 651 $  26 510 $  2 849 $ 28 490 $
500 000 $ 11 000 $  5 302 $  53 020 $ 5 698 $  56 980 $


On your death, your donation to Fondation Santé will become a reality and your loved ones will enjoy tax savings when settling the estate.

It is possible to take out a new life insurance policy and transfer its ownership irrevocably to Fondation Santé. You pay the annual premiums for the stipulated period of time and are entitled to a receipt for income tax purposes for the paid premiums.

The funds from a RRSP and RRIF require neither legal documents nor complex written trust agreements. The donation is easy to make; you simply change the beneficiary information on the contract and notify the institution that is managing your retirement account. This type of deferred donation is one of the most advantageous, because when the retirement plan’s assets are designated directly, they are not included as part of the estate and are not subject to probate fees. Moreover, your estate will be granted a tax credit.

The gift of exchange-listed shares, mutual fund units, bonds and other securities is a suitable donation for individuals whose shares have gained significant value. From a tax perspective, this is one of the most useful donations one can make. In addition to the tax credit, a donation of securities entitles the estate to further tax assistance: the capital gains exemption. A receipt for income tax purposes will be issued in keeping with the market value of the securities upon transfer to the Fondation.

An endowment fund is an investment fund in which the invested capital is left untouched, but the interest earned by the capital can be used in any way the donor wishes. You can create an endowment fund right now to enable the Fondation, service or department of your choice to benefit from the capitalized income of your endowment fund. Your minimum donation of $1,000 per year can be spread over a period of five years, renewable. The fund thus created can bear your name, your family name, or the name of anyone you wish to honour.

By indicating your intention to make a planned donation to Fondation Santé, you give us the opportunity to thank you and recognize your generous gesture now.

Please feel free to contact us with any questions you might have about planned giving.


During his wife’s illness, he benefited from the compassionate care of local health professionals and wants to give back by making a donation in his will.

“I was so reassured, in fact, it warmed my heart to see how well every member of the team treated my wife. It felt like it wasn’t a chore for them to take care of her,” he says with feeling. “It’s unbelievable how they all made me feel serene in spite of those difficult times. “

Aware that people are often hesitant, even skeptical, about health care institutions and personnel, Mr. Fredette felt it was important to recognize the exceptional work of healthcare personnel. That is why he chose to make a planned gift to our foundation. “I loved her so much. I still love her; her pictures are always near me at home. Thanks to the wonderful people in the region’s establishments, I was able to get through that difficult time with trust and caring. Thank you.”

Alain Fredette, lives in our region and chose to setup a planned donation to Fondation Santé