Your Support is Precious to Us

Each year, your generosity helps our foundation carry out projects – some large, some small – for the residents of Haut-Richelieu, Rouville, and Bassin de Chambly. It is important to us to maximize the value of your donations. Every dollar counts and 100% of the funds we invest are invested here, in our community.

Marie-Claude et Victor


You Make A Difference

Today more than ever, it is important that we invest in our health facilities – for right now, and for future generations. Your support of Fondation Santé has a big impact and makes an enormous difference in the lives of the people in our community. You are contributing to the wellbeing of all and helping us fund important projects.


Daniel Tremblay, PDG chez Tremcar

The Haut-Richelieu Hospital is important to our region. We are privileged to have a quality establishment and highly-qualified teams to take care of the people of our community.

Daniel Tremblay, CEO, Tremcar

I was looking for an organization that would keep me in contact with positive people who have values similar to my own. An opportunity presented itself and choosing to get involved with the Fondation Santé was natural.

Ginette Clouâtre, Volunteer
Julien Halde, PDG chez MXO

I believe in innovating in how we get involved and build long-term collaborations. Donating money is one thing, but I believe in seeing how the creativity of an entrepreneur can contribute to the good of the community.

Julien Halde, CEO, MXO


Participate in the events organized by Fondation Santé or those organized by members of our amazing community. Join us and experience memorable and rewarding moments.

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